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In the sleep training baby book ‘Your Sleepless Baby’, I begin by describing physical, developmental and behavioral reasons for babies to experience trouble falling or staying asleep. Then what’s normal and what’s not regarding baby’s sleep; how to recognize when a baby’s distress is due to sleep deprivation; behavioral cues that indicate that baby needs to sleep; and how parents influence their baby’s sleep – for better or worse – depending on the actions they take when setting baby to sleep.

Included are step-by-step instructions on how to solve THE MOST common of all reasons for baby sleep problems – negative sleep associations. This type of sleeping problem presents as difficulty falling asleep at times, a short naps causing overtiredness, difficulty falling asleep, and frequent awakenings at night requiring assistance to return to sleep. Seven options to resolve sleep association problems, ranging from bed-sharing (safely) to cry-it-out and others in-between, are described to sleep training baby.

Also included are details on how to resolve circadian rhythm sleep problems related to the timing of baby’s sleep, for example, baby not falling asleep until very late at night, or waking up much to early in the mornings or being awake for long periods in the night.

Why I wrote this book

During my professional career, I have encountered thousands of babies who had been misdiagnosed with medical conditions because of the distress they displayed due to lack of sleep occurring because of a sleeping problem. And countless parents who suffered depression, anxiety, relationship breakdowns, accidents, or a small number who had harmed their baby because they were unable to cope with baby’s constant crying and the unrelenting stress associated with chronic sleep deprivation.

I wrote Your Sleepless Baby because I wanted to free babies and their parents from the torture of chronic sleep deprivation. My goal is to empower parents to make informed decisions about the best course of action for their baby and family by providing evidence-based information about infant sleep and the various options available to solve infant sleep problems.

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Your Sleepless Baby
ISBN Paperback Published Available in eBook
978-1505468090 302 pages Sept 2012 English Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo


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I am so glad a friend recommended this book as it has been a sanity saver. I was at my wits end with our little one – she just cried all the time and rocking her to sleep took at least an hour (during which time she would cry) and often as soon as I put her in her cot she would immediately wake, crying. I was just so exhausted and felt there was nothing I could do. My husband was the one who suggested we try the Responsive Settling – it was really hard to do but by the next night she slept for 8 hours, woke briefly for a feed – then went back to sleep for another 3 hours. Now it’s like I have a different baby! She is more happy and settled, cries less and falls asleep more easily. I also feel more confident noticing her tired and hunger cues. Being a first time Mum is so hard! Everyone has a different opinion but no one knows your child or your situation. I appreciate Rowena’s non-judgemental tone and also that she backs up all her suggestions with research. Rowena offers guidelines for many different settling techniques, routines and care cycles – offering to new parents what many other books don’t – options! She also gives tips on how to assist your baby’s sleep if you choose to co-sleep. Ultimately the book educates parents about how to improve their babies sleep. Fantastic book – highly recommended!
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This is the ONLY baby sleep book you need to read. Forget the rest, this one is factual, practical and non-judgmental. ‘Your Sleepless Baby’ provides realistic solutions and clear explanations for parents without making you feel like a ‘bad’ parent. Both my husband and I have read countless baby books and this is the only one we would recommend. Before this book we ‘thought’ we knew what we were doing, but in fact realised that we had been putting our baby through unnecessary angst (for half our baby’s life) by not truly understanding what we needed to do to effectively ‘sleep train’ our baby. With ‘Your Sleepless Baby’, we had resolved Mathias’ sleep issues within days. We have recommended this book to many of our friends who have then recommended this book to theirs. If you want to understand the ins and outs of sleep and to adopt positive approaches to ensuring that you have a happy well rested baby, read this book. Rowena is truly the guru when it comes to babies!
5 5 1
My eight month old son has always been a fairly good sleeper at night (wakes for one feed) but only took four 45min naps during the day. I was curious as to why he wouldn’t link day sleep cycles. My paediatrician friend suggested that I read the Your Sleepless Baby book and arrange a consultation with Rowena. I felt that Rowena took the time to really analyze my baby’s behavior and gave me some useful suggestions. Not only that, her book is amazing too! I’ve recommended it to all my mummy friends! Rowena gave me confidence to get Nicholas to fall asleep without being rocked (it’s so easy to fall back into those habits at times). He is now linking a few of his day naps for up to two hours and there is light at the end of the tunnel for me since I now feel confident that my child is getting sufficient sleep in a 24hr period. Thank you Rowena!
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