Your Sleepless Baby –

Baby sleep through night

Baby sleep through night, is not something all parents experience but is definitely something all parents wish for. This baby book has you covered and will put an end to sleep deprivation thanks to a few guidelines to follow.

Jane Barry
Published in Brisbane Courier-Mail – 1st December 2012

Every so often, someone publishes a book which sets the mark so high that it serves as a reminder of what quality, practical, evidence-based parenting advice should be. Rowena Bennett is a Brisbane-based child health nurse who, for the past 15 years, has specialized in caring for parents and children. This book brings together her formal nursing training, clinical experience, and passion for gaining an understanding of infant sleep.

In Your Sleepless Baby, Bennett examines the physiology; what influences sleep duration; waking; and why so many babies resist what should be the simplest act of all. Exactly why some babies protest so much is carefully analyzed, plus information on how parents can learn to interpret tired signs and look for the all-important sleep cues.

Chapters on sleep basics and training, settling methods, feeding and circadian rhythms are also included. Each section is filled with useful information and includes sleep diagrams, case histories, arguments for and against settling strategies and step-by-step guides.

It’s refreshing to have a reference on infant development and sleep that doesn’t strike fear into the heart but provides balanced, logical, research-based advice for parents who are beyond exhausted and just want their baby to go to sleep and wake up happy. Why has it taken so long?