About Rowena

  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Midwife
  • Certified Mental Health Nurse
  • Certified Child Health Nurse
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Promotions
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Like countless other parents I found it challenging to care for my children as babies. Most of the time their behavioural cues were easy to read, or so I thought. But there were definitely times when the reason for their behaviour was puzzling. All three of my children were poor sleepers who napped only briefly and woke frequently through the night. As a result they didn’t get enough sleep, nor did my husband or I.

It took nine years from the birth of my first child to the time my youngest started to sleep through the night before we could all get a restful night’s sleep. I have no doubt that the stress of caring for tired, cranky children while in a state of constant fatigue was a major contributor to two episodes of post-natal depression I experienced during that time. What I find sad as I reflect back on my early parenting experiences is that despite the fact that I loved my children and did the best I could, I was not the parent I wanted to be.

It wasn’t until many years later; following further education and experience in mental health and child health, that I gained greater insight into the behaviour of babies and the influence that parents have over their baby’s behaviour – for better or worse.

Ten years ago I started in private practice as a parenting consultant through my website, www.babycareadvice.com. It was through my private practice that I was able to offer parents a broad range of feeding and settling options. In 2012 I published Your Sleepless Baby: The Rescue Guide, the first of a series of books on the reasons and solutions to well baby care problems.

I would love for all parents to experience just how much fun it is to care for a contented, well-rested baby. It is my hope that parents will gain greater confidence and enjoyment in their role as a result of reading my Your Baby Series books.

No one is born knowing how to be a parent. Parenting is a learned skill. You can learn the hard way through trial and error or you can speed up the process by learning from others.

Buy a copy of ‘Your Sleepless Baby’ and put your baby’s sleeping problems behind you both, so that you can enjoy your baby and being a parent.