Your Sleepless Baby

After nine long months you’ve finally come home with your beautiful little bundle of joy. You’ve read all the books, taken your vitamins, consulted your doctors, made it through the birth and baby is just perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes. Your baby sleeps well for the first few days and you start to think ‘this is easy’. Then reality sets in! Your bundle of joy begins to become more wakeful. Naps shorten and baby appears to fight going to sleep. Then baby starts to wake multiple times during the night for unknown reasons, and becomes whiney and demanding during waking hours. You know it’s because your baby is not getting enough sleep. The various sleep strategies you try to remedy the situation make little difference. You start to wonder if your only hope is that your baby will eventually outgrow the problem. The weeks and months drag by, and still your baby doesn’t sleep. The stress of caring for a cranky, sleep-deprived child coupled with your own constant fatigue is driving you to the edge.

If this sounds familiar, help is at hand. Your Sleepless Baby provides real answers to real problems. This comprehensive guide to infant sleeping problems is based on the author’s many years of experience assisting parents to resolve well baby care problems, including infant sleep problems. The guide includes developmental, behavioural, physical and medical reasons that explain why many babies experience trouble sleeping. These are described in a way that enables the reader to pinpoint the reason or reasons (as there is often more than one cause) for their baby’s sleeping troubles.

No single strategy or settling method will solve all baby sleep problems, or suit the needs of every baby or family. This book explores options to suit every parenting style.

Why I wrote this book
As a child health nurse and early parenting educator, I meet hundreds of parents every year who are looking for a solution to their baby’s sleep problem. Their stories are similar. They talk of the physical and emotional toll their baby’s sleep problem has taken on their lives, the lives of their partner and their baby’s siblings. They describe the heartache of observing their baby’s distress and feeling powerless to make a difference. Some parents are suffering from anxiety or depression, while others admit to harbouring negative feelings towards their baby as a result of weeks or months of constant stress associated with caring for their crying, sleepless baby while chronically sleep deprived themselves.

I feel deeply for these parents because I have been in their shoes, struggling each day to care for a sleepless baby under the strain of constant fatigue. I feel for their babies because they don’t choose to feel miserable or miss out on sleep their tiny bodies need.

I knew I could help more parents by writing a book than I ever could through individual consultations, which is what prompted me to publish Your Sleepless Baby.

Whether you’re a parent looking for a solution to your baby’s sleep problem or a health or childcare professional who provides sleep advice to parents, this book will provide you with the solutions and support you need.

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  • ISBN: 9780987227850 (pbk.)
  • RRP: $34.95 AU